It all started when...

we decided it was time to create a brand which reflected classical values for a new generation.
Fashion is not to the exclusion of the environment but rather should protect it and use its resources in a sustainable manner. Fashion is not food, but rather more an investment for years to come. If chosen wisely and cared for properly we can ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. Fashion is personal and public at the same time and therefore speaks without you having to say a word.

In 2018, the THURMES Brand came to life. We are dedicated to slow-fashion and increasing awareness in the fashion industry, on forward thinking fashion of the future, to promote a world where fashion is a positive force. Our supply chain management is key to ensuring high standards and crafting excellent garments to be enjoyed.

THURMES' core values are sustainability and wearability.  The couture time pieces are meant to be worn, for years and years to come, as a part of your daily life.  You should cherish and care for them and they will keep you covered beautifully for decades to come.